Philadelphia NCS
Donnamarie Hammet

National Commercial Title Coordinator

From open to close, every transaction is my most important transaction.


Donnamarie Hammet serves as National Commercial Title Coordinator for Commonwealth’s Philadelphia National Commercial Services (NCS) operation. Donnamarie has been in the FNF family of title companies for over 30 years and her varied experience has allowed her to work on transactions throughout the entire process from open order to closing and beyond.

Donnamarie takes great pride in her operation’s repeat business and credits the knowledge, chemistry and the common goal that exists in the Philadelphia NCS as the key to their ongoing success.

Donnamarie currently assists the title officers in preparation of pro forma policies, forms required for closing and title clearance issues. She issues and delivers the final policies to customers along with the recorded documents. Donnamarie has taken on the responsibility of going paperless so that after a file closes, everything is scanned, saved and the paper file is destroyed.

Donnamarie enjoys reading, gardening and vacationing in tropical places.